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Securities Attorneys Serving New York

Today, Securities are important because they provide Companies a chance to raise Capital. As many Start-Ups want to avoid taking out Business loans, they turn to Securities for this possibility.


If you are an Investor or Shareholder in a Company, a Securities Attorney protects you by ensuring that the Company is following all the rules and regulations that are associated with selling stock. A Securities Attorney can check into any Company that you are thinking of buying into and, if you are taken advantage of, can represent you in court.


Whether your venture is at its earliest stage, a fast-developing Start-Up, or an already well-established Business, we can help foster both growth and stability. Ross Pitcoff Law monitors the evolution of modern Securities, laws and regulations and creates strategies specifically formulated with you in mind.


Our Attorneys handle the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) work for a variety of public Companies and has represented buyers or sellers in public merger and acquisition transactions. At the same time, we fight every day for our clients in court and arbitration to recover the funds they have already lost.

Keeping your Securities secure!

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At Ross Pitcoff Law, we focus on assisting Start-Ups, large Companies and also Individuals in the following areas:

Entity Selection

Business Transactions and Contracts

Corporate Governance

Over-The-Counter Markets Compliance

Private Placements

Private Equity and Venture Capital Financings

Reverse Mergers

Public Offerings

Rule 144 Opinion Letters

SEC Reporting and Compliance

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