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Corporate Structuring & Investments

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Corporate Planning and Structuring Attorney

Every Business needs a professional review of Corporate Structuring and Investments to ensure efficiencies in tax as well as the legal framework. A successful Corporation always plans for future events rather than reacting to current events.


Our Attorneys help Corporate and Institutional Investors structure their Businesses and Investments in the right way.


We advise Companies with a wide range of Corporate Structuring and Investment related projects such as:

Private Equity Deals


Intellectual Property Management

At Ross Pitcoff Law, our experienced Team can help you identify the best Corporate Structure for your Business based on your vision and future road map.

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Why Choose Us?

We assist you with a wide range of Structuring and Investment matters including:

Legal Advice for Start-Ups

Advice on Legislative Requirements

Advice on Business Structures

Advice on Investments

Business-Name Registration

Shareholder and Joint-Venture Agreements

Lease Agreements

Guarantee and Security Documents

Loan Agreements, Mortgages, and Security Agreements

Buying and/or Selling of a Business

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