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Company Representation

Find the legal solution that is best for you and your business!
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Business Representation - Corporate Attorney

Operating a business without the help of an experienced business attorney can be challenging for you. Sometimes, it can also expose you to greater risks. No matter where your business is in its life cycle, business representation attorneys can guide you in making decisions that impact the growth, success, and the continuity of your business.


At Ross Pitcoff Law, we work with you and your company to avoid legal issues that hold you back and provide opportunities that will help grow your business at an exponential rate. We are engaged in business counsel, and we consult on various legal considerations while taking into account your business objectives.


We understand that all business owners and management are not the same and every company must be advised in a way that takes into account the company’s value system and goals.

Find the legal solution that is best for you and your business!

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At Ross Pitcoff Law, our corporate law practice includes areas such as.


Business Formation and Planning

Commercial and business transactions

Commercial litigation and business disputes

Foreclosure advising and litigation

Judgement and debt collection

Tax planning

Trade secret litigation

Securities arbitration

Real Estate transactions and development

And more

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

We excel when working with clients who are not afraid to think outside of the box and recognize the value in proactive strategy. And we’ve got the proof:

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A highly competent, professional, and results-driven law firm. Ross is an expert business litigator with a wide range of experience across industries.


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Ross is extremely knowledgable in law, but the best part is, he really gets business and all its complexities! Unlike most other attorneys I've dealt with, Ross was extremely compassionate and patient. He spent the time to show me that there were different routes to get to my desired outcome and made sure I was comfortable and fully understood whichever path we chose. I could not have picked a better attorney, I highly recommend Ross Pitcoff Law!

Shamir. C | Founder, Pure & Peaceful LLC

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Mr. Pitcoff is the most professional attorney I have ever met. Mr. Pitcoff took care of my case as if his own and made me feel safe and protected over the power of law and his professionalism. Mr. Pitcoff is able to explain difficult and lengthy legal terms/documents into simple and refined language. I strongly recommend Mr. Pitcoff as your choice of attorney.


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Ross Pitcoff is a knowledgeable, quick, and detail-oriented attorney that has experience in handling cases from many different fields. As a realtor, I have recommended him to many of my clients and he is often praised by clients for being exceptionally caring and patient no matter how strenuous the situation may be. Ross is a great attorney I recommend highly.


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