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Business & Commercial Attorney

Picking the right attorney for your business is as important as picking the business partner. You can’t underestimate the importance of selecting an attorney who provides legal services for your business operations.

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Litigation & Appeals Attorney

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit but doesn’t know how to go about it, then you may want to consult a litigation attorney. Going through a lawsuit can be a complex process, so having the expertise of a litigation attorney can help you.

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practice areas

Corporate Planning & Structuring Attorney

Every business needs a professional review of corporate structuring & investments to ensure efficiencies in tax as well as the legal framework. A successful corporate always plans for future events rather than reacting to current events.

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Business Representation – Corporate Attorney

Operating a business without the help of an experienced business attorney can be challenging for you. Sometimes, it can also expose you to greater risks. No matter where your business is in its life cycle, business representation attorneys can guide you in making decisions that impact the growth, success, and the continuity of your business.

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Securities Attorneys Serving New York

Today, securities are important because they provide companies a chance to raise capital. As many startups want to avoid taking out business loans, they turn to securities for this possibility.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Attorney

Blockchain technology plays a vital role in bringing cryptocurrency tokens or units of currency into the world economy via a process called mining. Miners generally use computers to solve algorithms on the crypto network, and when it’s successfully solved, they get to add a transaction or a block to the blockchain.

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Ross Pitcoff Law’s Fashion & Design Attorneys know the business inside out, advising some of the world’s most well-established brands, tailoring solutions on everything from protection and exploitation of intellectual property to licensing and franchising.

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