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How Ross Pitcoff Law Does Business

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How Ross Pitcoff Law Does Business

There’s this one kind of overarching issue that a lot of people ask about lawyers and law firms. And that is, well, you know, are you guys completely cold and callous? Do you just calculate facts and apply them to statutes or common law elements?

Some lawyers may do that, but not ours.

The most important issue is the pinpoints of the client. So I usually will get a fact pattern from a prospective clients. And what I like to do is is I, listen, I listen and I listen and I try and really pull out. What’s bothering that individual the most, sometimes it’s very clear. It’s very obvious.

Sometimes they know it and they say it right away. Other times I have to pull it out after hearing a lot about all these different issues that are presenting themselves. And other times I don’t even think that they’re truly aware of what their biggest pain point is, but what’s most important to me is an attorney.

And what I try to do to differentiate myself is to truly listen, understand what the overarching resolution. Before the client’s even finished telling me their entire story. And then I can sort of, literate back to the clients. This sounds like what the issue is. This sounds like what the desired outcome is, and here’s a plan to get us there.

So I think that attentive listening style that we try and bring to our clients to directions is very important. I think it separates us from a lot of the other lawyers have. And it’s also, frankly, what allows us to do well with adversaries and the four judges. Hope you found this video to be valuable.

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