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How Ross Pitcoff Law Does Business

There's this one kind of overarching issue that a lot of people ask about lawyers and law firms. And that is, well, you know, are you guys completely cold and callous? Do you just calculate facts and apply them to statutes or common law elements? Some lawyers may do that, but not ours. The most important issue is the pinpoints of the client. So I usually will get a fact pattern from a prospective clients. And what I like to do is is I, listen, I listen and I listen and I try and really pull out. What's bothering that individual the...

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Protecting Your Brand

Brand protection is not used for celebrities and multinational corporations alone. Every business builds goodwill through its name and it is important for you to protect your brand from individuals who would want to build their business off of your hard work. Brand protection involves protecting your intellectual property (IP) against counterfeiters, pirates, and infringers of other types of IP, such as color mark, trade dress, trademarks, and design rights. Protecting your IP not only prevents the loss of revenue from a company, but also protects your company’s image, reputation, and overall value. Essentially, brand protection protects your business against something known...

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