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Drafting a Contact

One of the most important parts of drafting a contract is ensuring the language is clear and unambiguous. Be sure to avoid flowery words and legal jargon. A contract should be clearly understood be someone who is not a lawyer. You want to think like a lawyer, but not write like one. Be careful in how you use conjunctions such as: "and, or, or but" -- Modifiers like to use the terms: "knowingly" and "actively", which can quickly change the meaning of an agreement which tends to be unclear to all parties. For more information or to speak with an attorney today,...

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What Separates Us From The Masses

There are so many different types of litigation firms out there, and each does offer different specialties. We specifically work with business owners who are really hands-on those CEOs or those shareholders who are in the business every day and we help them and assist them with disputes with other shareholders, other partners, or third parties. So contractual issues, issues related to fraud. Issues related to potentially fiduciary bridging obligations. And also we work with different companies in different capacities to bring shareholder derivative suits. What I think separates us is really two things from our competitors. Number one is communication. We...

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How Ross Pitcoff Law Does Business

There's this one kind of overarching issue that a lot of people ask about lawyers and law firms. And that is, well, you know, are you guys completely cold and callous? Do you just calculate facts and apply them to statutes or common law elements? Some lawyers may do that, but not ours. The most important issue is the pinpoints of the client. So I usually will get a fact pattern from a prospective clients. And what I like to do is is I, listen, I listen and I listen and I try and really pull out. What's bothering that individual the...

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Ross Pitcoff Law: A Commercial Litigation Boutique in New York

Ross Pitcoff Law is a commercial litigation boutique that represents business owners in disputes with shareholders, partners and third-party vendors or contractors, etc. We handle all types of commercial matters relating from breach of contract issues to fraudulent inducement issues, to shareholder derivative suits, and we are especially focused on very complex types of litigations rather than most other smaller firms would show. We also have general council services where we get companies set up properly. So that way, if there's ever an audit and investigation, or if they're looking to acquire or be sold, they're in a position where contractually...

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Mediation Agreements 101:

Are you having issues solving a Commercial Dispute case? Are you looking to solve your case without attending court? That is where a Mediation Agreement comes into play. A Mediation Agreement brings Commercial Business Parties together in a confidential setting where the Dispute can be voluntarily settled without a Judge or Arbitrator. It is also less expensive and you will have greater control over the outcome. For more information about Commercial Dispute cases and how to go about solving them via Mediation: Click Here ...

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Fiduciary Duties

We often receive enquires related to fiduciary obligations owed to a company by its partners/members/shareholders etc.  Generally speaking, a fiduciary relationship exists when an entity or person (usually an officer/director/shareholder etc.) places trust, confidence, and/or reliance on another to exercise discretion or expertise in acting on their behalf. The fiduciary must knowingly accept that trust and confidence. When someone owes a fiduciary duty to a company and its members, the fiduciary must act in a way that will aligns with the company and its' members goals and aspirations. The person who has a fiduciary duty is called the fiduciary, and the person to whom the...

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