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Legal Made Simple

We help solve your toughest and most unique cases and will fight for your best result.

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At Ross Pitcoff Law, we work closely with you to understand your unique cases, and we fight for the best results.

We are committed to providing you an excellent client experience through innovative, timely, and cost-effective legal such as:


Corporate Structuring

Company Representation

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Fashion and Design

Our lawyers strive to work closely with you to provide the best and most comprehensive legal solutions for your business.

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Our Attorneys

Our Ross Pitcoff Law Attorneys are honest, professional, and empathetic.


Thomas McClain

Titular Attorney

Rose Johnson

External Relations

Simon Robins

Associate Attorney

Nelson Conroy

Executive Director
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Helping You With Your Legal Needs

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Solving Tough Legal Issues

You may launch your Business with the hope that everything will go smoothly, and you wind-up running a very successful organization. Unfortunately, in every business mistakes happen, issues arise, and you will inevitably need a Business Attorney from time to time. Having an Attorney provides incredible value for both yourself and for your business.

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Fighting For Your Legal Rights

If you have issues with someone and want to sue, you will need a Litigation Attorney. A Litigation Attorney will guide you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a lawsuit and will give you advice on whether your case is best suited for court or if it should be handled better outside of the courtroom.

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Providing Solutions For Your Future

You may need a Corporate Lawyer if you want to incorporate your Business or if you have already incorporated your Business and would like advice in regards to your legal responsibilities. A Corporate Lawyer can advise you on matters that arise from the corporate structure that includes investor rights, acquisitions and mergers, corporate structuring, and more.

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Partnering For Success

Company Representation is a Business-Method that is strategically built to allow a specific Company to expand into new target markets. By becoming a Representative of the Company, you are authorized to act on behalf of the client to increase sales. Provide a one-stop solution for your comprehensive legal needs by hiring an experienced Corporate Attorney.

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Passion Behind Every Case

If you’re an Investor or Shareholder in a Company, you may be interested in hiring a Securities Attorney to protect you by ensuring that your Company is following all the rules and regulations that are associated with selling stock. Before you invest in a Company, you may want to have an Attorney to check the validity of the Company’s claims so that you can save your money wisely!

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Your Legal Worries Are Our Forte

Today, Blockchain-Technology has become a serious Business where people have the ability to transact and record Business in ways that were not possible before. This means serious changes in the Legal Profession. Blockchain Lawyers will keep up with the rapidly changing environment of Case Law and regulations to understand what is permissible, and what is enforceable.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

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A highly competent, professional, and results-driven law firm. Ross is an expert business litigator with a wide range of experience across industries.


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Ross is extremely knowledgable in law, but the best part is, he really gets business and all its complexities! Unlike most other attorneys I've dealt with, Ross was extremely compassionate and patient. He spent the time to show me that there were different routes to get to my desired outcome and made sure I was comfortable and fully understood whichever path we chose. I could not have picked a better attorney, I highly recommend Ross Pitcoff Law!

Shamir. C | Founder, Pure & Peaceful LLC

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Mr. Pitcoff is the most professional attorney I have ever met. Mr. Pitcoff took care of my case as if his own and made me feel safe and protected over the power of law and his professionalism. Mr. Pitcoff is able to explain difficult and lengthy legal terms/documents into simple and refined language. I strongly recommend Mr. Pitcoff as your choice of attorney.


new york attorneys

Ross Pitcoff is a knowledgeable, quick, and detail-oriented attorney that has experience in handling cases from many different fields. As a realtor, I have recommended him to many of my clients and he is often praised by clients for being exceptionally caring and patient no matter how strenuous the situation may be. Ross is a great attorney I recommend highly.


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